What I’m Watching: Wild Wild Country

I’ve always wished I were more eager to watch documentaries. I think they play an incredibly important role in society, and an incredibly unique one: they are part education, part entertainment and in some cases, part call-to-action. But like I said, they have never really been my cup of tea. I agreed though, to watch Netflix’s Wild Wild Country after hearing some intriguing reviews. While it was educational and entertaining at times, my overall reaction to the documentary was mixed. I will tell you why. Continue reading

What I’m Watching: Mosaic

When I sit down to watch an episode of a TV show I’ve recorded, or of one on Netflix or Hulu in a series I’ve started from the beginning, I only do so if I know I have time to watch the entire episode. I guess it’s the nostalgic part of me that’s trying to preserve the experience of watching television pre-DVR and streaming—it’s the same reason I like to take at least a couple days after I finish a season to let it sink in before I start the next one. Mini or limited series work well for this, since it means I only have to find 6 or 7 hours to finish a series instead of 40 or 50, and it was one of the reasons we decided to watch HBO’s Mosaic. Continue reading

What I’m Watching: Chance

I pride myself on my ability, despite being on the computer all day, to avoid spoilers for TV shows that I’m watching after they’ve already aired. It took me around two years to watch all of Mad Men, between late 2015 and 2017, and I successfully avoided every possible spoiler, even though the show ended in early 2015. That said, I really enjoy reading criticism and reviews of the shows I am watching, so when I do finish a show after it’s ended I eagerly rush to the internet to see what people are saying about it and if they share my opinions or not. Continue reading