NCIS Fan? Try this Drinking Game

I used to love the CBS show NCIS—it’s the perfect bingeable show. The case-per-episode format grabs your attention, while the fun banter between the characters and their underlying personal relationships keep you glued to your seat. So over Thanksgiving, I was home with my family and we had the idea to come up with a drinking game for NCIS. I know there are already a couple out there, but I’m proud to report this one was a lot of fun.

Just one quick note: This game works best for seasons 3 through 11, the ones with this cast:


You could play it for other seasons, but you might have to nix some of the rules. We played with beer and took a big sip each time, but you can play with whatever you want.

Level 1 (for casual drinking)

Drink when:

  • DiNozzo makes a movie reference
  • Ducky talks to a dead body
  • Gibbs says “What d’ya got”
  • Someone kisses Abby
  • Someone calls McGee a variation on the name McGee (i.e. McGoo)
  • Gibbs slaps someone on the back of the head
  • Ziva goes “Massad” (i.e. beats someone up, performs an impressive physical feat)
  • Gibbs gives Abby a big soda
  • Someone is referred to by their formal title (i.e. Director Vance or Special Agent Gibbs)
  • There’s a significant redhead Gibbs might be interested in

Level 2 (to take it up a notch)

Drink when:

  • Someone makes a bad pun
  • Someone flashes a badge
  • The team uses the big screen
  • Someone drinks coffee

Level 3 (to bring it home)

Finish your drink when:

  • Gibbs mentions one of the rules
  • Gibbs works on the boat
  • Someone brings up Gibbs’ wife and daughter



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