The One Thing I Can’t Work Without

Those who know me know that I love making lists. I will get things done just for the satisfaction or being able to cross them off of a list. But it also keeps me organized, especially when I’m dealing with different deadlines and need to figure out how best to go about completing my assignments.

The other thing I love when it comes to supplies, as you’ll notice as I post more things, are pretty supplies that make me smile. I strongly believe that a notebook with colorful flowers on it or an inspirational quote on a cork board will motivate you to work harder, faster and better.

Put these two together and you get my favorite supply:


I use this Rifle Paper Co. notepad almost every day. I love that it’s already lined and that there are little boxes for me to check off, and I love the flowers and the positive message on top (I know this is super nerdy, sorry I’m not sorry). When I use it, I usually write my list in blue pen and then make my check marks with a black pen, so my accomplishments are even more obvious.

So if you find yourself frequently feeling unmotivated, get this notepad! I promise it will improve your productivity and you’ll instantly feel more inspired!

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