Simple Chicken Mole

I love mole. It’s probably my favorite thing to order at Mexican restaurants. I know that mole technically just means sauce, but I’m talking about the rich, creamy version made with things like cocoa powder, cinnamon, tomatoes, star anise, peanut butter and about 10 other things. Because it tends to have so many ingredients, I’ve shied away from making it at home in the past. Enter my new favorite cookbook, The Complete Slow Cooker, where Jeff found a slow cooker chicken mole made with only seven ingredients! So of course, we gave it a try. I’m happy to report this was the second delicious dinner I made from this cookbook. (Did you buy it yet?!)

To start, this was one of those classically easy slow cooker recipes—simply toss all the ingredients in the pot and let it go.


This recipe called for chicken thighs, of which I’m not a big fan, but I trusted the experts on this one, which was definitely the right choice. Here’s what it looked like after cooking all day:


The steam fogged up the camera a bit!

Then all that was left was to puree the sauce. The recipe called for bone-in chicken thighs that you leave whole, but we decided to use boneless and shred the chicken before mixing it back in with the sauce.


So tender and creamy!

Once the chicken was ready, I made a quick guacamole. I don’t usually make guacamole because we can never find ripe avocados, but this week we happened to!


They lived in these little bowls until it was guacamole time.

I simply mashed up the avocados with Just Spices Guacamole Seasoning and fresh lime juice. The seasoning had been in our pantry for a while, but like I said, homemade guacamole is a rare occurrence. So we finally got the chance to use it, and it delivered great flavor.


We served the chicken over rice, topped with guacamole. It was creamy and decadent, with the cocoa and peanut butter really shining through. The flavor wasn’t quite as complex as some moles I’ve had at restaurants, but for so few ingredients it was delicious.



The recipe made a ton of chicken, so the following night we made mole chicken tacos topped with guacamole, which was also a great way to enjoy it. There was even a little left over after that, so I finished it up in a salad for lunch the following day, the sauce taking the place of dressing. And I probably could have eaten it again the next day—it was that good!


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